Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is: Every house is different. Depending on the size and what you’re wanting done, residential displays can range from $995 – $5,000 or even higher. Of course that higher price is reserved for those who want to see their house from space. Commercial projects can range from $3,000 – $100,000! Each project is different which is why we come to measure and quote for free.
We use ALL commercial grade lighting product. We DO NOT source lights you would find at the Big Box stores. Our lights are proven to be brighter and better.
Unfortunately, no. We’ve encountered too many issues over the years when working with clients personal lighting ranging from tangled messes, to broken or missing bulbs. We woudn’t be able to maintain Elf Bros. quality which is why we source our own lights.
Of course! As long as that day and time is not currently booked. We start installations as early as October to as Late as Christmas.
We begin our disassembly in January. We work with you to find a day and time to come take everything down and store it safely at our facility for next year.

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Request Your Naples FL Christmas Lighting

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